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Frequently Asked Questions

No there is no “initiation” to receive before drinking ceremonial cacao. The idea is to be fully present with yourself, with your heart, your intention whether it is for an emotional work or for the nurturing aspect of a delicious cacao. The more presence, the more receptivity, the more connection. Take your time and enjoy.

Constellation Cacao products are not raw, they are slightly roasted. What is important to understand is that when we ready “raw” in the world of cacao/chocolate it means not roasted or roasted up to 45°C. But what is not explained is that fresh cocoa beans are already going through a natural fermentation process where temperature need to go up to 45/50°C for flavor development. Otherwise, it would not taste as good as we know.

There is a difference in the selection of ingredient and in the processing,

Cocoa powders from organic retail (or not) are processed in industrial machines that heat a lot the cocoa mass to remove the fat from the cocoa beans. The cocoa beans are generally a mix of different countries (except if mentioned). They seek for a color and a fat content, not a flavor profile neither healthy property.

Constellation Cacao products are more alive as they are processed in a gentle way to keep all nutrients and the good fat, making these products more potent in terms of effectiveness on the body and tasting experience.

Ceremonial cacao has effects on your energy level. The best way to receive all its regenerative and subtle properties is to drink it with an empty stomach or far from other meals. According to your sensibility, better to consume in the morning and afternoon, not too late in the evening.

At the difference with chocolate products, the intention of ceremonial cacao is to connect with the plant and its healing and supportive properties.

That said, you can use ceremonial cocoa as part of a diet for a few days, when you’re going through an intense period in your life, or every day if that suits your body, bearing in mind that it contains a certain amount of (natural) fat. The recommendation is to go up to 25grams per day. And occasionally up to 40 grams if you attend a ritual/ceremony.

Theobroma Cacao is a plant medicine and a superfood.

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeed, it is safe to drink cacao but adapt the dosage with a low dose ( < 20 grams per cup) because the theobromine will stimulate your baby.
  • If you have heart problems, drinking cacao will stimulate the blood flow and increase your heart rate. Take only a few sips.
  • If you are on high doses of antidepressants or using MAOI based and SSRI antidepressants be cautious. The tyramine and tryptophan present in cacao can counteract the medicine. Ask your doctor.

Constellation Cacao is a young brand and is not certified Fairtade neither with other certification. However, with background working for Fairtrade and in sustainable cocoa overall, Marie-Amélie has made a specific sourcing selection all with strong sustainability guarantees.

  • All cacaos are either organic certified or guaranteed without heavy metals and pesticides, growing under agroforestry system where biodiversity is monitored and enhanced.
  •  All supply chains are short, fully traceable and transparent, particularly on the pricing paid to farmers to guarantee the value back.
  • Social and community projects are fostered either for workers or members of farmers organisations.

Need help on how to choose your cacao?

Each cacao is a world in itself! Discover our tool to journey to the source. Feel the call by country, flavor, or energy. Let your open heart choose for you – he has the answer. 

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