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From the Earth to one heart at a time.

The cacao is here to lighten up your life. Now is the time to live fully.

Diapo CC
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Grow in consciousness

Feeling safe and at peace within ourselves. Discover different healing modalities centered on the heart, to release, nourish and expand.

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Constellation Cacao

Products & Services for your Wellness at Body, Mind and Spirit Levels




Our pure cacaos

Our range of ceremonial cacaos brings the purest flavor of nature to your cup. While feeding your body with this superfood, you also enjoy a sense of relaxation and receive supportive magical vibrations to live from the heart.

Beyond flavor there is an energy. Each origin has its own energy. All work at heart level – the air element –


Honoring this vibrant medicine for our (unbalanced) modern lives.

We come from the stars and cacao is growing on Earth. This beautiful seed is a bridge between Heaven and Earth, but also between ancient wisdom and holistic health.

“Food of the God” in many indigenous tribes from Mesoamerica, we know that cacao was a sacred offering for the Mayans and a drink to give strength to warriors. This ancient remedy was associated with the opening and healing of the energetic heart.

Its “feel good” chemistry provides us expansion, nourishment, heart protection and overall greater vitality and happiness.

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If everything around you seems dark,
Look again,
You may be the light.


Reconnect to your pulse of life

The heart is the gateway to joy and where the soul resides. From shadow to light, conscious to subconscious, work with me to release what’s blocking you and shine brightly again.

Open your heart

I am Marie-Amélie

Passionate about the “mother bean” since my early twenties, I have dedicated my life to exploring the world of cocoa and, in parallel, to healing my own heart. As I continue to learn and integrate the medicine of cocoa and the elements, it’s a great joy for me to guide you, at some point on your life’s journey, to walk freely on this beautiful Earth.

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Why are our cacaos special?

Packed with beauty and the highest standards made in Mallorca.


Premium quality beans selection for a great tasting experience


Smooth and intentional processing for potent and mood boosting products.


1 single ingredient for an authentic incarnation of the land they come from.


We promote different origins to showcase different terroirs and energies


Short, traceable and transparent supply chains to share the success with farmers


We keep only what is essential.

New to this world?

Get informed and learn about cacao, holistic healing, ancestral traditions and everything that light my own heart and hopefully yours in return.

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