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Radiant Salvador is a forest cocoa with a balanced taste of red fruits and nuts, from an innovative private plantation in the region of Sonsonate. His energy will connect you with the “Padre Sol”, the Heaven, with a focus on your throat chakra.

  • 100% cocoa beans from Finca Chiquihuat, El Salvador
  • 100% natural, plant-based, vegan, gluten free
  • Fractionable, easy to melt, easy to store
  • Guarantee without pesticides and heavy metals
  • Smooth Bean-to-Bar processing with intentions in Mallorca
  • Food medicine for the heart 
  • Taxes included
  • Shipping costs calculated at the next step. For orders >3kg, contact me directly for special shipping.


Radiant Salvador is sourced from Finca Chiquihuat owned by Herbert Abraham Betancourt, a doctor and cacao maestro. He talks about cacao as a medicinal fruit. Far from the industry but at the same time with a strong awareness of the highest quality standards, his focus is always on the cacao which he calls « ancestral ». His farm is very diverse and has a large amount of cacao criollo.


Area: Nahulingo Sonsonate
Superficies: 7 hectares
Altitude: 158 m
Cacao varieties: criollo and fine flavor trinitario
Fermentation: 6 days in conacaste wooden boxes
Drying: 18 days on raised beds in the sun
Harvest period: September to December
Annual production: 3,5 tons
Agricultural practices: Forest Cacao with + 10 tree species, + 70% endemic tree types and minimum 3 stratas of shade

At Finca Chiquihuat we find:
Timber trees: Cenícero, guachipilín, conacaste, chestnut, volador, cedar, funera, guayacán, ebony, ciricote, madrecacao, acacia mangium, poró, tihuilote, hormigo, carreto gavilán, birch, oak.
A great variety of fruit trees: Jackfruit, loquat, zapote, guaycume, paterna, mango (7 varieties), lemon, coconut, guava, cashew (cashew), morro, caimito, avocado, manzanita de agua, ojushte. We can also mention the cushtan and the patashtes (theobroma bicolor), which belong to the same family of cacao.

All these trees form a protective shade forest that allows the cacao trees to be productive and healthy

Taste & Vibration

Thanks to the cacao genetics present on the farm and a rigorous post-harvest technique, this fine flavour balanced cacao offers us delicious fruity notes (red fruits, yellow fruits) and plenty of nuts.

First cacao launched in March 2023, Marie-Amélie connected with her throat chakra (5th chakra). The vibration of this cacao is opening the top of the boyd to celestial energies.
All Constellation Cacao products work on the heart chakra.

Every person is different and we suggest that you taste, connect and see where this cacao works on your own body.



Morning, afternoon, there is always a reason to have a piece of pure cacao to sweeten and strengthen our hearts. As these products are very energetic, we suggest not to consume them in the evening.


Pure ceremonial grade cacao is a versatile product that can be used in different preparations. Depending on the intention, select what you feel called.

Hot chocolate: delight yourself with your love elixir with hot water or (vegetal) milk and your preferred spices, plants and sweetener. Perfect for your ritual or collective cacao ceremonies.

Small piece: recharge with a piece of cacao before sport or intense afternoons.

Smoothies: enhance your fruits smoothies with some cacao energy.

Raw confections: pair your preferred ingredients with the intensity of cacao.


For your daily consumption, up to 25 grams.
For your rituals, up to 40 grams per cup.
Each block is fractionable to measure easily.
If you have never tried pure ceremonial grade cacao we recommend you to start with 20 grams by cup and check how it feels in your body.
As for the energies and vibrations, it’s important to connect directly and follow what is good for you and it can be different day by day. Follow your heart and your intuition.


Pure cacao is sensitive to change of temperature. Please keep it in a cool place. If your cocoa has melted, whitish spots may appear. It is the cocoa butter, naturally present inside the cocoa beans, that has melted. Your cocoa is still safe to eat.  


Theobroma Cacao is a plant medicine and a superfood. Some contraindications for the use of pure cacao

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeed, it is safe to drink cacao but adapt the dosage with a low dose ( < 20 grams per cup) because the theobromine will stimulate your baby.
  • If you have heart problems, drinking cacao will stimulate the blood flow and increase your heart rate. Take only a few sips.
  • If you are on high doses of antidepressants or using MAOI based and SSRI antidepressants be cautious. The tyramine and tryptophan present in cacao can counteract the medicine. Ask your doctor.
  • Cacao is fatal to pets. Keep it away from them


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Growing ancestral, organic cocoa, more than a job, is a privilege for me, because I am rescuing a national heritage that contains a good part of our history and now, once again, El Salvador’s cocoa is gaining relevance as this cocoa, with its special aromatic notes and unique flavours, is known outside the country.

Don Herbert Betancourt – Finca Chiquihuat
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