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Thrilling Belize is directly connecting you with Mayan land. This cacao, grown by indigenous Q’eqchi’ and Mopan Maya, express warm notes of tropical fruits and spices. His energy connects us to our inner fire.

  • 100% cocoa beans from Maya Mountain Cacao, Belize 
  • 100% natural, plant-based, vegan, gluten free
  • Fractionable, easy to melt, easy to store
  • Organic certified cacao
  • Smooth Bean-to-Bar processing with intentions in Mallorca
  • Food medicine for the heart 
  • Taxes included
  • Shipping costs calculated at the next step


Founded in 2010, Maya Mountain Cacao currently works with approx 450 certified organic smallholder cacao producers, the majority identify as indigenous Q’eqchi’ and Mopan Maya whose families have been producing cacao for generations. 

Pioneer in the centrally-fermented cacao social enterprise model,  this cacao is today recognised internationally for its quality. 

For only a few years this cacao has been available in Europe thanks to the work of Uncommon Cacao Europe. They are the first transparent Trade cacao supply chain company. Bold and radical, their vision is about improved quality, long term partnership and higher prices paid to farmers. Their impact measurement and trade information report for Maya Mountain is available on their website.


With an average of 1,2 hectares of land, the farmers grow cacao intercropped with banana, plantain, coconut, avocado, cashew. 

Area: approx 440 hectares in Toledo and South Stann Creek districts
Altitude: from the sloping foothills to the lowlands of the Maya Mountains. 
Cacao varieties: predominantly Amelonado-dominant hybrids
Fermentation: central fermentation in wooden boxes
Drying:  raised beds with roof, patio and solar drying
Harvest period: January – June
Annual production: approx 150 tons
Agricultural practices: the cacao is grown using agroforestry to maintain biodiversity and is certified organic.

Taste & Vibration

Maya Mountain Cacao is an awarded ultra premium cacao that is why its flavor is so delicious!

Its 100% Belizean Maya-led team processes all cacao at a post-harvest facility where three unique stages of sun drying create optimal flavor.

The beans received in Mallorca are always very clean and offer consistent, well-balanced flavor notes of tropical fruits (pineapple, raisin) and spices

Launched in June 2023, Marie-Amélie enjoyed the lovely vibes of this origin. The vibration of this cacao is very fiery, warm and rich. It connects you with the 3rd chakra and the fire of your solar plexus.

All Constellation Cacao products work on the heart chakra. 

Every person is different and we suggest that you taste, connect and feel where this cacao works in your own body.



Morning, afternoon, there is always a reason to have a piece of pure cacao to sweeten and strengthen our hearts. As these products are very energetic we suggest not to consume them in the evening.


Pure ceremonial grade cacao is a versatile product that can be used in different preparations. Depending on the intention, select what you feel called.

Hot chocolate: delight yourself with your love elixir with hot water or (vegetal) milk and your preferred spices, plants and sweetener. Perfect for your ritual or collective cacao ceremonies.

Small piece: recharge with a piece of cacao before sport or intense afternoons.

Smoothies: enhance your fruits smoothies with some cacao energy.

Raw confections: pair your preferred ingredients with the intensity of cacao.


For your daily consumption, up to 25 grams.
For your rituals, up to 40 grams per cup.

Each block is fractionable to measure easily.

If you have never tried pure ceremonial grade cacao we recommend you to start with 20 grams by cup and check how it feels in your body.
As for the energies and vibrations, it’s important to connect directly and follow what is good for you, and it can be different day by day. Follow your heart and your intuition.


Pure cacao is sensitive to change of temperature. Please keep it in a cool place. If your cocoa has melted, whitish spots may appear. It is the cocoa butter, naturally present inside the cocoa beans, that has melted. Your cocoa is still safe to eat.  


Theobroma Cacao is a plant medicine and a superfood. Some contraindications for the use of pure cacao

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeed, it is safe to drink cacao but adapt the dosage with a low dose ( < 20 grams per cup) because the theobromine will stimulate your baby.
  • If you have heart problems, drinking cacao will stimulate the blood flow and increase your heart rate. Take only a few sips.
  • If you are on high doses of antidepressants or using MAOI based and SSRI antidepressants be cautious. The tyramine and tryptophan present in cacao can counteract the medicine. Ask your doctor.
  • Cacao is fatal to pets. Keep it away from them


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Uncommon Cacao believes farmer prosperity is a key ingredient in good chocolate. Starting their work in 2010 building Maya Mountain Cacao, they boldly embrace transparent trade. The company is pioneering a new cacao economy that pays farmers more and is grounded in real partnerships that deliver improved stability and success for all. 

Uncommon Cacao 
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