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Where energy flows, life resides.

After alchemizing the chocolate business world as “Change Maker” Marie-Amélie now dedicates herself to the inner alchemy, at the service of health, love and consciousness. The cacao is its ally.


I am…

  • A child of the Earth, a soul in a woman body, a daughter, a sister and the mothering reference of a beautiful dog
  • Explorer of visible and invisible worlds, space holder, ritualist, guide, holistic therapist
  • Fascinated by the healing properties of the heart, the strength of Theobroma Cacao, the magic of Nature
  • In continuous learning about Life, holistic wellbeing, ancient wisdom and embodied spirituality.
  • Seeking harmony and making the bring between farmers & consumers, continents & humans; mind, body, soul; ancestral medicine and modern sciences.

My alliance with Theobroma Cacao

The cacao entered in my life in 2005. During more than 10 years I had the chance to travel to many producing countries, designing corporate social responsibility strategies, implementing long term socio-economic projects. With farmers communities and passionate people, I learnt about history, agronomy, quality and all sustainability aspects of this beautiful beans.

I did not expect this love story to be so deep and long. Neither to be linked with my personal healing journey.

From fear to Love

Like every human being, I walked through life with different shocks and traumas, inner child wounds, lots of conditionings, and the memories of my woman lineage. Life passed with its experiences – living abroad, rooting in a foreign country, unfulfilling relationships, too much work…

I started my healing path with psychotherapy and very early included energetic work as my hyperactive judgmental perfectionist mind was difficult to tame. Yoga, meditation, healthy food, I was in search for more calm and energy.

Hypersensitive and cut from my body (for good reasons), I experienced a burnout in 2017 and this was the year of no return. My playground become my own self. Instead of travelling around, I travelled inside toward self-acceptation and self-love. What a journey of self-discovery!

My initiation path

In search for a broader connection with Life, my heart guided me to different initiations, in Brazil, in Bali, in Costa Rica. Like a treasure hunt I was following the steps without knowing where I was going. Each experience gave a piece of the puzzle of reconciliation and remembering that I am a child of the Earth and an energy being.

The cacao reentered my life through its regenerating and energetic properties. Beyond taste, its powers have opened my heart, layer by layer, and teach me what is Love and how to embody it.

Unlocking the vibration of each heart

Constellation Cacao is the bridge between these different parts of life, like if everything was meant to be. With my various hats, I support to release and nourish the heart while activating inner-strength and resources to bring back life’s delight.

I am a certified coach (Novaterra, Belgium), certified Clinical EFT practitioner (IFPEC, France). I am trained in Nonviolent communication, Innerdance, pericardium release and passionate about energy healing, astrology, herbalism and shamanism.

Vision - Mission

At Constellation Cacao, we believe that bringing back life’ sacred dimension and our link to Nature is a way heal ourselves. And by healing each heart, we heal the Earth.

Building alliance with cacao’s intelligence, Constellation Cacao creates an ecosystem of magical products, experiences and services. We support you daring to feel good and opening your wings wide, for a life with an open-heart, delight and excitement.



For creativity, quality and innovation, in the search for the best positive impact for the people and the planet.


Offering empowering solutions for inspiring people who want to create their most authentic life.


Honouring our Self, our body, hearts and soul with healthy products and services for your self-regeneration.


Appreciation, respect and celebration for the sacred of life, for Nature, and being alive.

By shining our light, we give others the chance to do the same.

Nelson Mandela

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