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Wise Peru is made from ancient chuncho cacao from Cuzco land and offers us a very aromatic rich cacao with herbal and fruity notes. While tasting and rescuing one of the oldest cacao in the world, we enjoy his energy connecting us to the Pachamana. 

  • 100% cocoa beans from Urubamba valley, Cuzco, Peru
  • 100% natural, plant-based, vegan, gluten free
  • Fractionable, easy to melt, easy to store
  • Organic certified cacao 
  • Smooth Bean-to-Bar processing with intentions in Mallorca
  • Food medicine for the heart 
  • Taxes included
  • Shipping costs calculated at the next step. For orders >3kg, contact me directly for special shipping.


According to research by Nikolai Vavilov, a Russian botanist and geneticist, Peru is one of the world’s top 10 centres of diversity, with  80% of the world’s microclimates.

Peru shows the most diversity in terms of genetic cacao varieties. 70% of the different cacao varieties existing in the world are available in Peru. Within these varieties there is one very special.

According to studies on the genetics of Chuncho cacao, its beans contain a higher percentage of fat compared to other bean varieties. This is the result of a long process of adaptation. Unlike other cacao varieties, Chuncho plantations are grown at 700 to 1200 metres.

A long time ago, the Urubamba valley was located in a much more tropical humid climate. Chuncho cacao has been able to adapt to this new climate, which continues to become colder and colder. The fat cells in the bean have multiplied to protect the microorganisms inside.


Wise Peru is sourced from the Alto Urubamba cooperative where a group of 90 families are doing an amazing work of rescuing one of the oldest cacao genetics in the world.

The unique distinction of Chuncho cacao is undoubtedly the result of a long process of domestication carried out by indigenous groups, today represented as the Machiguenga

In addition to the cultural imprint of civilisations from the Inca, the soil in which Chuncho cacao is grown also gives this product its exceptional quality.

Years ago, this rare genetic varietal was on the edge of extinction due to growing numbers of abandoned farms because of competition with other genetics that are more productive and more resistant to disease but less aromatic. 

Area: Urubamba sacred valley, Cuzco 
Altitude: between 700 and 1200 metres
Cacao variety: chuncho
Fermentation:  5 days in central fermentation wooden boxes
Drying: solar drying in elevated mesh drying with covered roof 
Harvest period: December to April 
Annual production: 40 tons 
Agricultural practices: agroforestry system with coffee, black maize, orange, achiote, noni, pacay and chirimoya. 

For generations, Chuncho cacao farmers have acquired an empirical understanding of the need to grow cacao with other complementary plants. In Peru, agroforestry is not a scientific agricultural method, but rather an ancestral tradition rooted in religion. For centuries, Peruvian civilisations have been developing diversified gardens, in the knowledge that association provides a mutual supply of nutrients.

Taste & Vibration

The farmers’ careful post-harvest processing allows for a very nice expression of flavour, with some herbal notes like green tea,  with fruits and then woody notes. 

Launched in September 2023, Marie-Amélie felt a strong connection with the Pachamama. The vibration of this cacao is very grounding and mothering at the same time. The 1st chakra is definitely its ally.

All Constellation Cacao products work on the heart chakra. 

Every person is different and we suggest that you taste, connect and see where this cacao works in your own body.



Morning, afternoon, there is always a reason to have a piece of pure cacao to sweeten and strengthen our hearts. As these products are very energetic, we suggest not to consume them in the evening.


Pure ceremonial grade cacao is a versatile product that can be used in different preparations. Depending on the intention, select what you feel called.

Hot chocolate: delight yourself with your love elixir with hot water or (vegetal) milk and your preferred spices, plants and sweetener. Perfect for your ritual or collective cacao ceremonies.

Small piece: recharge with a piece of cacao before sport or intense afternoons.

Smoothies: enhance your fruits smoothies with some cacao energy.

Raw confections: pair your preferred ingredients with the intensity of cacao.


For your daily consumption, up to 25 grams.
For your rituals, up to 40 grams per cup.
Each block is fractionable to measure easily.

If you have never tried pure ceremonial grade cacao we recommend you to start with 20 grams by cup and check how it feels in your body.
As for the energies and vibrations, it’s important to connect directly and follow what is good for you and it can be different day by day. Follow your heart and your intuition.


Pure cacao is sensitive to change of temperature. Please keep it in a cool place. If your cocoa has melted, whitish spots may appear. It is the cocoa butter, naturally present inside the cocoa beans, that has melted. Your cocoa is still safe to eat.  


Theobroma Cacao is a plant medicine and a superfood. Some contraindications for the use of pure cacao:

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeed, it is safe to drink cacao but adapt the dosage with a low dose ( < 20 grams per cup) because the theobromine will stimulate your baby.
  • If you have heart problems, drinking cacao will stimulate the blood flow and increase your heart rate. Take only a few sips.
  • If you are on high doses of antidepressants or using MAOI based and SSRI antidepressants be cautious. The tyramine and tryptophan present in cacao can counteract the medicine. Ask your doctor.
  • Cacao is fatal to pets. Keep it away from them


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Gratitude for the efforts and involvement of different players to create this organic-certified native cacao value chain and bring this special cacao to Europe. This cacao, grown using agroforestry practices, is not only an important source of income for farmers, but also a strong source of regional pride. 

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