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Reconciling and finding your way to light.

Discover different modalities for your transformation while nourishing your tread of joy and expansion.

In a world in big transition, sometimes life does not give us the choice to change. Like the butterfly, the transformation happens. Sometimes it feels good and helpful to receive support and have someone holding the light for us while we navigate our shadows. That’s where the medicine of joy, of cacao and of the circle turn up.

All my services and experiences are space of compassion, safety and confidentiality; pathways to the heart to self-love and better acceptation, appreciation and affection for ourselves and thus the others.

I will not rescue you, for you are not powerless. I will not fix you, for you are not broken. I will not heal you, for I see you, in your wholeness. I will walk with you through the darkness, as you remember your light.

Prayer from a medicine woman

Why the heart ?

The heart is a refuge, a guide, a ray, a compass that gives us direction. That’s where we feel, we align, we express who we are and spread our vibration in the world. Like Rumi said “ Your task is not to look for love, but simply to look for and find all the obstacles you have built up against love.” Being sincere and loyal to our heart is a learning curve.


The medicine of cacao

This little brown bean is a source of creativity, passion, conviviality, and nourishment for many. But here it’s the tree, the roots and the seeds that are the powerful treasures. Back to the origin, the cacao is a messenger of Love and every bean is a seed of consciousness, of reconciliation, of connection with nature and thus with ourselves. I am here to listen to your heart, hold the vibration while she’s here to plant seed of Love in your heart. Look at that beautiful elixir!

My services for awakening the heart

1:1 individual and personalized support

To release wounds and emotional tensions from the past and make space for the new; break the patterns, links, beliefs and ways of functioning based on fear and survival; regaining expansion and optimal capacity to love, live in harmony and create the life of your dream.


Create optimal health and wellbeing & call in the new

EFT is a cognitive somatic energy modality partnering with your subcouscious to release wounds and emotional tensions. It helps to calm hypersensibility, desensitizes traumatic memories and install positive beliefs. Very recommended for PTSD, anxiety, mood disorder, chronic pain.


Restore life movement & the full expansion of your heart

Holistic manual therapy based on Cellular Bioenergetic Osteopathy that harmonize the body’ various systems and restore balance. The pericardium is the membrane that protects the heart. It stores all our traumas since our birth.


Self-awakening process for a conscious life full of love

Sound and alchemical journey in heightened state of awareness, the Innerdance is an automatic and spontaneous movement of the Self. Like a daydream, it activates your center, release blockages in your energetic bodies and help you remember your oneness with the source again.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is totally normal to feel a bit lost in the different practices that exist today. To guide a little I would say that the EFT tapping is a tool to accept ourselves. The pericardium release is to pacify. And the Innerdance is to connect to our greatness. But the best thing to do is to start with a discovery call so that I ask you few questions to see where to start.

Marie-Amélie work with packs of 3 sessions to enable to release step by step the heart. Each session is 75mn and dates are fixed in advance. According to your needs we decide what modality is most adapted. The investment is 255€ to be paid at subscription. It is possible to renew the subscription with another pack.

I can welcome you in Soller and in Palma. Detailed address upon booking.

Yes, except for the pericardium release, all sessions can be made online. 

Mobile Cacao Circles

The cacao is a facilitator of emotional release and a wonderful heart expander. The mobile cacao circles are experiences between “doing” and “being” where you connect with the frequency of love in a safe space.

What can you expect?

  • Experience an expanded heart and high vibrations
  • Let circulate what the heart carries to feel better
  • Learn to listen to yourselves, the inner voice, the intuition to gain clarity
  • Opening up to your inner magic, your passion and desires
  • Overall harmonization
  • Renewed creativity and sense of Self.

For who?


  • Seeking to feel held and release
  • Intentional in their wish to embody love and keep their heart warm
  • Feeling empty, sad, lost, fearful, insecure, experiencing unsatisfying relationships
  • Not able to take decisions in the different aspects of your life

Different types of rituals

Cacao rituals brings us closer together, touch us and transform us in some way. Everyone receives.

  • For your (yoga) retreat: in addition to a body work, sitting with cacao is great add-on to your program
  • For your intimate ceremonies: to honor your joys in life and celebrate love with your partner and family.
  • For your life milestones: birthday, new birth, but also funeral to support grieving process.
  • For your team: offering a cacao circle is a great way to support the unfolding of collective intelligence and creativity

Frequently Asked Questions

You can either attend a collective cacao circle planned or book your special one. I will design a specific flow according to the intention, timing and space provided. I provide services in French, English and Spanish Send me an email or book a discovery call to discuss the conditions.

Yes I can travel to take part in events, provide a space with ceremonial cacao and cocreate a workshop according to your needs. I provide services in French, English and Spanish. Send me an email or book a discovery call to discuss the conditions.

What customers say

Don’t neglect the deepest part of your being. My experience of Innerdance was the first of my personal account of “alternative therapies”. In fact I didn’t take it as therapy but as a moment for me, and what a moment! My expectations were nil. Arriving on site, the welcome was so pleasant, that even if there were expectations I think they would have been left at the door. Everything seemed to be going where I wanted it to go, a moment for me and with people looking after me. It’s been a few months now, and I can still close my eyes and feel what Innerdance did to me. I can feel how it came into my being in such a special way that it encouraged me to do what I had been blocked from doing for a long time: to open my wings and take off. – Xico

I had a wonderful and unexpected experience with Marie-Amélie for this liberation of the pericardium.
I felt an enormous amount of gentleness, immediate well-being, deep relaxation and a feeling of total security in her hands.
Thank you for this wonderful experience! – Eva

I participated in a Cacao ceremony with Marie-Amélie just a month ago and it was a very loving experience: both for her energy and facilitation and also for her Cacao, it is super rich !!!! The Cacao helped me to trust myself, to center myself in my heart and to help me remember who I already AM: love, light and peace  When I remember who I am, I can surrender and give myself permission to feel and BE who I really am, no masks, no shells, no ego. A pleasure to be able to enjoy this medicine from the hand of Marie-Amélie and Constellation Cacao – Nuria

Thank you Marie-Amélie for taking me on a magnificent and important inner journey during this Innerdance session. I was completely confident and plunged straight into a very deep inner journey! I felt safe throughout the session, supported and guided by different presences, hands placed with respect and kindness on certain parts of my body, without ever getting in the way of what I was experiencing. I really enjoyed it and was able to go further each time thanks to the different sounds emitted by the facilitators. The music and sequences chosen were very powerful and took me through a whole range of emotions, feelings and different landscapes! What I was going through inside wasn’t always comfortable, but I knew I’d get help if I needed it. This session enabled me to open up an important process that I’m still working on today.
– Titou
I’ve had the privilege of participating in a ceremony guided by Marie-Amélie with the cacao from Peru, and it was a beautiful, transformative, and heart-opening experience. The cacao’s rich and earthy flavor set the stage for a deeply spiritual journey. The warmth and love I felt during the ceremony were truly profound. I wholeheartedly recommend this ritual cacao to anyone seeking to explore the depths of their soul and embark on a journey of self-discovery. – Abi
I had a pericardium release treatment with Marie-Amélie, and it really comforted me. I was going through a complicated time, and it gave me a lot of love, attention and depth, talking to every part of my body, especially my heart. It was a wonderful experience. I also did another emotional release treatment with tapping. This tool that I already knew came back to me, which I’ve been practicing ever since and which helps me a lot. – Laura 
I’ve used Marie-Amélie’s EFT sessions several times online and face to face. Each time, I’ve been blown away. The sessions visit our emotions and difficult situations to magically unblock them. It’s impressively effective. I was skeptical about EFT because I didn’t understand it. Receiving it changes everything. I was able to free myself from fears, unpleasant sensations and convoluted stories. Marie-Amélie goes straight to the point, gently and with unfailing determination. She persists. I highly recommend her. – Véronique

Marie-Amélie brings a high level of knowledge, wisdom and deep understanding to her Cacao Rituals, explaining not only the importance of ritual and ceremony around this vital plant but the journey the cacao bean takes from seed to our cups. Bringing her own brand ‘Constellation Cacao’ to the ceremony heightens the experience further as she is involved in the whole curation process, and this is what makes her ceremonies so heartfelt and profound.’ – Tensuhi Elemental Resonance

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